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We offer artwork design for music artists at a very reduced rate

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What you get from this executive?

We are going to provide you with artwork design at a very reduced rate.


My name is Dean Williams. I have the challenging task of seeking new business for my company.
I am still a firm believer in the power of print marketing. It's still a very cost effective way of getting your message across very quickly especially for small record labels.

Being a former Graphic Designer, I have always been passionate about design and I feel that even the best ideas won't sell themselves, good design is central to making any print campaign a success. The more help and advice we can give to customers then the better the results for them, if our customers marketing is successful then the intention is that they will trust us and return again in the future.

Whether you are thinking about using a direct marketing campaign for the first time or have already begun but would like to improve your return on investment, I along with my team can help you design and implement a print marketing campaign that will achieve the results for your company or organisation.



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Call us on 01425624844 ( Monday - Friday -  10am - 5pm )  if you are looking to work with this freelancer.