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We can provide you with make-up artists for music videos and portfolio photoshoots for 5 hours

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What you get from this executive?

We are going to provide you with make up artists for music videos and more. Our rates are £100 x 5 hours.


We are a one stop shop for all services in makeup weather you’re a private client or large production company having such a large team all over the UK gives us the edge to by able to for fill your needs weather you require 15 creative specialist artists for a fashion show or a special effects artist for a music video.
We have the right artist for the job, no need to use lots of different freelancers under different contracts when you have a professional tight knit team with a fast growing fantastic reputation at your service.

Next steps

Call us on 01425624844 ( Monday - Friday -  10am - 5pm )  if you are looking to work with this freelancer.