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We can design you a crowd-funding site where your fans can fund you

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What you get from this executive?

We are going to  provide you with a crowd-funding website, which will match your vision. Content management system is going to be included in the cost, as well as completed website you can use for your music.

About us:

Few web design companies build websites well and few web development companies design great websites but as a complete web design agency we can confidently say that we do both extremely well.

Although we have only been really actively trading for around 2 years, we have grown in the middle of a recession and we are now over 15 people in the company (with more to come soon hopefully).

Our company focuses on building trust and long term relationships with our clients.


Coda Music Agency.

Next steps

Call us on 01425624844 ( Monday - Friday - 10am - 5pm ) if you are looking to work with this company.