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5 emotional challenges that only successful artists can overcome

Every music career endeavor begins with talent and the passion to turn it into music.  But even when that idea is fueled by passion, turning a vision into a tangible career often brings an artist face to face with fear – of the unknown, of taking risks, and how they maybe received. So how does an artist overcome the harness of fear that constantly stops most from even getting started?

1) Take the virgin road
For successful artists their beginnings when traced back, one can see that these groups/artists dared to be different. NWA for example set the pace for the rise of Tupac and Snoop Dogg. And yes I got that reference from ‘Straight Outta Compton’. By taking the virgin road it means they don't know exactly where or how to turn. They spend every day staring into the fog trying to figure out which way to go.

2) Take the lone road
I don’t even need a movie reference for this. Destiny’s Child, Backstreet boys and one direction are just to name a few examples of groups that have spit and the artists went on to perform solo careers. Some were successful while others went unrecognised. This may be associated to various factors such as when the future is unclear or unsure, thus being one’s own boss creates a greater sense of responsibility.

3) Staying true to the mission
Setbacks are non-negotiable when starting a music career. It’s only a matter of your mental capacity for disappointment that’s staked.

4) Accepting criticism
Business strategist and inspirational speaker, Danielle LaPorte believes that criticism is core to one’s success, she states that “If you’re showing up as honestly as you know how to — you’re going to annoy someone. Criticism and counter opinions are part of dynamic expression and creativity. If you’re not generating some resistance, you’re probably not fully stepping out. For every seven people applauding, one person will hiss-boo, one will be indifferent, and one will be less than sane. Show up anyway. ”

5) What’s your pursuit?
Despite artists constantly rapping/singing to money, it’s all just a brand gimmick to market themselves as such an artists. The truth however is that they seek to leave a legacy i.e. giving to the world something it never had with their wealth as a bonus. That want in life wakes them up in the morning and not sleeping at night.

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Oba Waiyaki