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5 Guidelines for a Successful Music Career

I'm pretty sure you all know that the 'one-size-fits-all' model does not apply to the music industry. Your art is unique as is your individual journey. However, here are 5  'guidelines' to help you along the way.

Take responsibility for creating your own success.

A record deal is not the only way to make it in music anymore. The internet is now your stage to the world and there is plenty of software out there to fine-tune your music. Be different and remember 'power comes with great responsibility'. A global appeal means dealing with a global audience. So, respond to your fans and create the right business structures to showcase your work.

Nurture you talent.

Do what you have to in order to excel in your niche market, that could range from providing backing vocals to teaching music in a school. Your goal is to position yourself in your market as the primary provider for that particular skill. Don't forget that every label in the UK rejected The Rolling Stones initially! So believe in yourself!

Every business is a music business.

All types of industries are searching for ways to add music services to their mix. Brainstorm ideas on how to connect with companies you resonate with. You never know, it could lead to a tour sponsorship one day. In essence, you should find ways to add value to what other businesses are doing.

Connect with people

Music is very much a 'word – of – mouth' business. Your relationships will be the engines working up to your success. So don't be afraid to develop creative projects with your friends or combine live shows with other acts.

Be versatile

Work on different projects and always be on the look-out for new revenue streams. We all have to pay the bills so even if you have to do something which isn't music related at least try to seek work within your field that needs to be done. Thought of playing a wedding gig? Your experiences will merge together and lift your music career. Then you can name your price.

Post by: Melina Green