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5 qualities of honest record label executives

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.
-Peter Drucker

For record label executives, there are particular traits that are always distinguishable.

1) They stand up for their beliefs- for such individuals holding a level of independence is crucial as they aren't afraid to speak their mind. Honest people will state their opinions even when their beliefs are against the majority. While this may irk managers concerned with bureaucracy, most people will respect honesty and be impressed with those willing to stand out against the hive mind.

2) Lead by example- An executive looking for behaviour change in others who is not demonstrating it himself will not only get no traction, he or she will damage the organisation. This is fundamental. If you’re looking to create a culture with broader communication and more transparency.

3) Have tunnel vision- distractions abound: the temptation to get caught up in important but non-essential discussions and projects; the tendency to fall back on what you’re comfortable with rather than what needs to be done; and the understandable but dangerous attraction of shiny new toys and trends in today’s remarkably fast-paced world. To quote FedEx founder and CEO Fred Smith, “The big thing is to make sure the big thing stays the big thing.”

4) Negotiating Skills- The ability to negotiate is integral to an executive producer's success. A skilled negotiator can secure a celebrity writer or actor at a favourable rate, and encourage financial backers to contribute more to the budget. On set, he must be able to balance employees' concerns and demands with what's best for the production, negotiating in ways that make everyone satisfied.

5) They Are Thick Skinned- Not all people love hearing the truth, and when you dish out a fresh dose of reality, some might be inclined to toss it right back in your face, this moves them to be thick skinned.

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Oba Waiyaki