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Here’s our Round Up of May

Hello summer and hello Global 12! Not long left until the big event in September.

Have you seen the Global 12 Teaser?  If not, get ready and follow this link!

Our artists have been competing to earn their spot through their live streams.
This month we saw an exceptional performance from NI NA who jumped all the way to 5th place! If you are looking for the live stream, here it is.

The fight is on between Two Cities One World who are 100 points behind  Angelica Lopez and fighting for first place!

Our new entry comes from Smash The Crash who entered the league table only 4 days a go. Make sure to check out their latest single: ‘The Seeker

Senar is the big surprise who joined in the top 6 and July Jones is not backing down. She is now back in our top 3!

You can view the up-to-date league table on how our artists are performing below! Let us know who you’re supporting and would love to see at Global 12!

If you are wondering what the rest of our artists have been up to, well we have news for you:

Two Cities One World previewed one of their upcoming singles in their live stream. ’Struggle of the Struggle’. If you are wondering what it’s all about check out the snippet from the live stream!
Make sure to catch them in one of their upcoming shows as they won’t be back until September!

NI NA as you may have guessed correctly are the one’s behind the first Global 12 Teaser.
The video is taken from a live set on the road! Enjoy the whole thing here!

Our Columbian star Angelica Lopez is back with her latest music video for  ‘ALUNA

Senar is going strong on YouTube with his latest release TEMPS D'AMOUR
It’s time to love!

Last but not least Tri Nguyen is rumoured to be releasing a music video! Make sure to check out his YouTube Channel to enjoy his next sounds as well as his upcoming tour in Vietnam and South-East Asia.


Post by: Melina Green