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Payments and Reporting

What does it cost to distribute content with Shodement?

We currently have one subscription plan:

Basic: £0 per month and keep 90% share of revenue from the content you give us permission to market and distribute.

Is Shodement a banking app?

No – Services are provided by our finance and banking partners with clients such as Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled and more.

How do we access the £10m Advance Facility?

You can apply on here

Shodement connects your streaming revenues and live performances to measure key growth metrics for your advance payments. Our unique model means you only pay us when you make revenue.

  1. Apply on our online form.
  2. Our SmartData measures your streaming revenue and live performance metrics.
  3. If accepted – select from up to 3 tailor-made offers.
  4. Receive your funding from our finance partners.
  5. Return the funding as a percent of your streaming and live performance revenues.
  6. Get access to the Shodement App to manage all the future applications.

When and how will I get paid?

Shodement streamlines payments by providing fast, secure PayPal payments. In order to get you paid, we’ll need you to log into your Shodement account, request the Payment form, and provide us with your PayPal account. Artists will be paid on a monthly basis as long as they meet the minimum payment threshold (£50) and have an active PayPal tied to their account.

How do I change how I get paid?

You can change or adjust your linked PayPal by updating your virtual manager with a new “Payment” form.

Does PayPal Charge a Fee When You Send My Earnings?

PayPal does charge a fee to send funds, but we do not pass along that fee to you. You earned that money, and we don’t want you to take the hit for getting paid.

App account

How do I distribute my content with the Shodement App?

Send your Spotify, Sound-cloud, Apple Music and other social media links to the App or Online form. Our SmartData will review the content and will send you a draft of the campaign.

Once you have approved – the virtual manager will submit your content to ticketing platforms, E-commerce platforms and music stores you selected. The virtual manager will  also guide you in the marketing process.

Where will my content be available?

We distribute your content to the following channels:
Songkick, Billetto, Eventbrite, Shopify, Ticketweb, TicketsourceStubhub, BigCommerce,
Apple Music / iTunesPandoraSpotifyYouTube Content IDYouTube RedGoogle Play24/7 Entertainment7DigitalAkazooAmazonAnghamiAudible MagicAWADeezerFacebook / InstagramGracenoteiHeartRadioiMusicaKKBoxLINE MusicNmusic Triple PlayQobuzNapsterSaavnShazamSimfy AfricaSiriusXMSlackerSoundCloudSoundExchangeTencentTeslaTIDALTikTok, Ultimate China, and Yandex.


Do I need to take down my music that is hosted by other distributors when I switch to Shodement?

No. If you already have a distributor for your music – Shodement will only upload your content in ticketing and E-commerce platforms outside of music streaming platforms.

The guidelines of streaming services and music stores don’t allow the release of the same music through multiple distribution services as this causes conflicts regarding distribution rights.


When will my content be live on E-commerce, ticketing and streaming platforms?

If you are providing your content with at least 3 weeks lead time, your release will go live on all stores on the release date you select.

How can I check my streaming, ticketing and E-Commerce performance?

You will have email notifications sent directly to you each time a music fan purchases a ticket or supports your products.

The BETA version only allows you to track the ticketing and E-Commerce notifications for now.

The next release will enable you to view the streaming data and check the performance of your releases. Whether you’re distributing your first track or have over a million followers, personalized insights served alongside your streaming data help you monitor your performance with precision, particularly during key moments such as a new release or during promo.


Account Features

Can I link my Facebook, Instagram, etc. in Social?

Shodement is currently built to deliver data and personalized recommendations to individual artists. However, an update to support social media data is coming soon.

How can I get brand partnership deals sent from my Virtual Manager?

The AI-System will examine your growth and match you with the right brands during your promo.

I’m a manager / record label / producer – can I access multiple artist accounts?

You can apply online with your artist name and sign up on behalf of the artist for now.  However, an update to support admin accounts with multiple artists is coming very soon.


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