Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

It was t-shirt weather in the Manor on the day of the much-anticipated Global 12 Festival. Ran by Shodement, the festival brought together the freshest musical acts from around the globe, pitting their talents against each other in a battle to be the best.

The festival took place in Cargo, a club situated in spirited Shoreditch, which is built into the arches of the Overground line. Daubed in graffiti and replete with thatched roofs and greenery, Cargo provided the perfect backdrop for this impressively eclectic lineup. The atmosphere was excitable, as people poured in the entrance, mingling with the acts who would in turn mingle with each other.

Amongst the twelve acts competing to win best act were Tri Nguyen, Senar, Alex Attril, NI NA, Ryan Koriya, Scott McLain, DeeWain, Angelica Lopez, Piqued Jacks, July Jones, and RUA. This was an incredibly diverse mix of sounds brought together, from the world music of Tri Nguyen, to the French dancehall of Senar, to the contemporary country rock of Scott McLain.

We will break down the best performances of the day, and hope to bring a bit of the upbeat vibe of Global 12 to you, but before you read on, here is a short video brought to us by Shodement introducing you the glory that was Global 12. Read here