Sigrid the Norwegian singer and songwriter made her real debut in 2017 when she gained international attention for her track ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’.  

She topped her success by winning the BBC Music Sound of 2018 award.

Her career kicked off in 2013 with her first single to be released titled ‘Sun’ . She managed to make a name for herself in Norway which led to her signing with Petroleum Records. By 2016 Sigrid moved to Island Records  and released ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’.

This past August Sigrid performed at Reading Festival and Glanstonbury and no one can argue that she is anything else but a true pop sensation. Needless to say that Don’t Kill My Vibe has over 30m plays on Spotify and Youtube.

Although its early into 2018 Sigrid already has big plans. With only a 4 track EP and with the BBC Music Sound award in the bag she is embarking on a spring tour which kicks of in Brighton on the 12/03 running up to the 24th of the month where she will be performing in Manchester.

Her latest single ‘Strangers’ is out now!

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