Tom Brady? Yes we are talking about the National Football star who recently worked with renowned car manufacturer Aston Martin to produce the new Vanquish S Volante ‘Tom Brady Signature Edition’. You will be sad to hear that this is really a limited edition run with only 12 cars for sale.

Tom is proud to share his name with Aston Martin and states that it was a unique process and collaboration with the chief of Aston Martin Marek Reichman. The car itself is a work of art offering 6.0 litre V12 engine with 580bhp. This is therefore a a true sports car and the association with Tom makes perfect sense. Tom chose it for its natural athletic performance.

The car has an ultramarine black exterior with Dark Knight leather in the interior. The attention to detail is exceptional as the manufacturer extensively used carbon fibre to enhance the cars performance. Each car has a ‘TB12’ logo on the headrests and as pull tab at the back of the car.

Aston Martin Vanquish S Volante Tom Brady Signature Edition costs $50,000 more than your standard Aston Martin as it offers a lot of special features which are attributable to its intricate design.

So why have only 12 cars being produced?! The number 12 happens to be Tom Brady’s jersey number and the colour combination is also Tom’s choice. It is the perfect match!

Brady is a long-time Aston Martin customer who already owns an Aston Martin DB11He signed on as the company’s official endorser earlier this year. Unfortunately Brady’s deal does not include a car, so he’d have to buy one himself.