First and foremost: 3 MONTHS TO GO TO GLOBAL 12 FESTIVAL!

We hope you are as excited as we are! The festival will take place in the heart of Shoreditch at Cargo venue on September 1st. We promise lots of good music and artists as well as fans attending from Japan, Italy, South Africa, Brazil, Greece and many other nations!

Make sure to get your tickets and share the event online using hashtag #Global12 to win a plus 1! 

We are thrilled to announce some exciting developments surrounding the festival which have been confirmed this past month:

The festival’s Grand Opening will be hosted by the Empire Legacy Dance Crew! You can find out more about them and get a sneak preview of what they are all about here! The Video is by Empire Dance Crew with music by Leaf – Gimme Some!

Aside from the music and multi-cultural experience which Global 12 festival promises to deliver we have another surprise in the bag:

Get ready to be transported into a multi-dimensional festival this Summer inspired by Art Director Matt Crump. Our visual arts manager Nathan Taylor will transform Cargo into an Aquatic – Bubble gum type of city filled with music Found out more here!

Last but not least make sure to follow our #RoadToGlobal12 features! Here is a list of some exclusive interviews:

Chess Galea sat down with our team to discuss the BBC All Together TV show, Malta journey & advice for upcoming singers. Listen now!

Global 12 artist Bobson will be performing in this June for a three-stop tour find out more here!

Saina who will be representing Japan at Global 12 sat down with our team to discuss Brit School journey, Japan and new music. Listen here.

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