Quin is an LA based electronic-pop singer who is known for captivating her audience and immersing them into her own world. She has been involved with music from a very young age partly inspired by her dad who plays the trumpet and the drums. Her first idol was Celine Dion and she states that music is a form of escapism.

Her music is influenced by the likes of Lady Gaga , Beyonce and St. Vincent. Her style has been dubbed as ‘fantasy soul’ and this is evident from her EP Dreamgirl. There is a lot of soul in her music with a touch of pop , hip-hop and electronic elements.

The first single released from her EP was the track “Sticky” which is the ultimate summer hit and reflects the variety of moods and ‘colours’ incorporated in her music. The track is inspired by a ‘sticky’ situation or in other words being in a relationship which has lost its flavour. This is also reflected in the theme of the music video.

You can check out her EP Dreamgirl from the links below. All tracks on the album are a result of a heart-break at the tender age of 19 where Quin describes her world being turned upside down which led to her finding herself and challenging herself to be confident, creative and to follow her dreams.