What an UNREAL September 1st 2018!! #Global12

Global 12 brought about a truly universal feeling, with the music breaking down barriers of language and cultural identity. From the acts themselves, the beats provided by resident DJ, to the cold cans of Coors Light that seemed endless in their supply, the event was a huge success, with a crowd that brought out the best of what music scenes have to offer. It’s a must-see on your festival calendar for 2019.


Director: Jay Lamusica
Venue Manager: Jake Wing
Stage Manager: Marco Giulivi
Art & Creative Manager: Nathan Taylor
Visual artist 1: Camassia Bruce
Visual artist 2: Agata Urbanska
Visual artist 3: Hannah Burrows
Visual artist 4: Lauren Housley
Visual artist 5: Emily Foley
Event Manager: Amandeep Dhillon
Artist liaison for Arch 1: Stefania Okereke
Artist liaison for Arch 2: Obinna Orjih
Artist liaison for Terrace area: Fredriko “Jon Baptiste”
Guest list team: Oba Waiyaki
Guest list team: Langa Langson
Guest list team: Paige Tirebuck
Campaign coordinator: Melina Green
Social media management: Nikita Nelson
Presenter: Ishtia May
Red Carpet presenter: This is Max
Stage presenter 1: Shahlaa Discovers
Stage presenter 2: Your Host is Rob
Video Director: Georgina Bobb
DJ on terrace area: DJ Mez
DJ on arch 1: DJ Tamikaa
DJ on arch 2: DJ Shakit
Dance crew: Empire crew
London Is Open Campaign partner: Marcia @ Kol Social
London Is Open Campaign partner: Keith Houghton
London Is Open Campaign partner: Diane @ Kickback
London Is Open Campaign partner: Polly @ Street Club
Acoustic session manager: Jermaine
Acoustic session manager: Steve Reece
Visual designs: Alex Heyoka
Fashion Designer: Mary Imhogiemhe
Fashion Coordinator: Kat Diales
Backline team; FX Rentals
AV tech: Harrison
Artists: Bobson, Jay Krimzz, Br3nz, LK, Vital, Kimarne, Stitch, Man Like Nells, Saina, Dana Elle, July Jones, Ches Galea & more.
Countries: Japan, England, Nigeria, Jamaica, France, Congo & Malta.
Venue: Cargo London
Producer: Shodement