Purply Music is a platform that allows talented singers and musicians to get their musical Instagram videos shared whenever they use the hashtags #purplymusic and #purplyapp.

Purply Music’s motto is “No algorithms, just talent”. Their motto wants to emphasize that the team members’ work is real and supports as well as rewards people’s talent and effort.

Anyone who believes in their talent and wants to enlarge their potential audience can use the hashtags to show the Purply team what they’ve got and hopefully they will get reposted on the Purply Instagram platform. Purply Music indeed runs on Instagram, but soon it will become also a mobile app.

Shodement will partner up with Purply Music and together they will bring you the ultimate Summer Party, which will take place at Global 12 Festival 2019 in London.

For more info, check the Eventbrite page: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/purply-summer-party-global-12-festival-tickets-54029331184