Lee Hakeen is a UK based upcoming singer-songwriter.

Originally born and raised in Croydon – with British Indian and Tamil roots – she now resides in South West London.

Her genre has been labelled as ocean soul, technically R&B, and her inspirations range from Amy Winehouse to Frank Ocean.

People, religion and devotion are the subject areas that mostly influence her music and lyrics. She is also a full-time Community Development and Leadership student looking to make a positive impact in as many areas as possible.

About herself and her music she says: “I care about people, the music I make helps me as an individual and I just hope it helps people to feel something”.

You can listen to Lee Hakeen on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/leeehaken/sets/lhtk

Lee Hakeen will perform at Lonely Sessions section within Shodement Global 12 Festival taking place at Cargo in London on August 31st 2019