Faye Meana is a UK-based RnB & Soul singer-songwriter and producer.

 Having been a songwriter since she can remember, her style of writing tells a story through a combination of social and personal issues. Faye Meana’s musical style resonates to the deep RnB sound of Jorja Smith, and has strong musical influences such as Amy Winehouse and Erykah Badu. Faye’s voice is hard to compare to any other artists, she encapsulates elements of Neo-soul into her sound, with vocals that constantly leave you wanting more.

 With the sell out of her first EP launch party, Faye Meana has gone on to record new music with XL Recordings, and will be constantly on a road to acknowledgement through her raw talent, and consistent production of music. She never fails to produce a strong performance when playing live either, Faye Meana takes the form of a 5 piece band, in which all members bounce off each other in a way that’s enticing to watch. She has recently collaborated with Dukus, a multi-talented producer/engineer who has mixed various albums & songs for well-known artists in the current London music scene, and has been recording at Sensible Studios to produce her next project ‘Flowers In My Dreams’, a 5 track EP, which will be released at the end of May 2019.

 Faye will perform at the Lonely Session section taking place at Global 12 Festival on August 31st 2019 in London.

 You can listen to “Hooked” on Audiomack’s “SKYLINE” here:


 Her previous EP and singles are available to listen to on both Apple Music and Spotify: