Global 12 Festival is coming soon, we are less than a month away now!

31st August 2019

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Shoreditch:
  1. Brick Lane Vintage Shopping

Brick Lane and its nearby streets are home to tons of vintage shops. You could probably spend a few hours here, digging through the racks and racks of funky items from way back when. Some shops repurpose and repair old items too, giving them new life. Try Rokit Vintage to start, and then wander around and find the other shops in the area. Head to Cheshire Street once you’ve conquered Brick Lane for more.

  1. BoxPark

One of Shoreditch’s most famous structures, BoxPark is made of shipping containers and is home to pop up shops where you can get food, drinks and more. Many up-and-coming fashion designers have pop up shops here, plus you’ll find cool homeware stores and more…it just depends on the week, as there always seems to be something new.

  1. Check out the world famous street art

One of the most popular things to do in Shoreditch, for both locals and visitors, is to check out its street art. You can find it everywhere around Shoreditch if you just wander and keep your eyes open. World-famous street artists like Banksy and Nathan Bowen have left their marks here, as well as many up-and-coming artists. New art appears every day, and is often around corners and down alleyways that most people walk right by without noticing.

  1. Go on a Summer ALL DAY PARTY

Yes – get ready for Global 12! Event attractions include:

Fashion Show

Red Carpet


POP-UP Brands

Live Music

Acoustic Session

Terrace DJ

Dance Floor

Global 12 Festival will take place right in the middle of Shoreditch from 12 noon on Saturday August 31st.

  1. Go rooftop hopping

Shoreditch has its fair share of gorgeous rooftops for eating, drinking, and even swimming, and most are open to the public.