Angeloumae is an upcoming singer-songwriter born in the city of Manila and raised in multicultural London. Angeloumae emerges with a raw talent that connects you to her deep passion of r&b / soul.

With influences from artists such as Kanye, Rick Ross, Stevie wonder and Kid Cudi, she organically creates a variety of sounds; through her input in production she showcases her ability to express and arrange music along with vocal execution that hooks you in.

Angeloumae conveys vulnerability through her voice capturing the pain and hurt of life but also using her gift, she states the power and soul she holds which is shown in the diversity of her music.

Angeloumae will perform at Shodement Global 12 Festival that will take place at Cargo in London on the 29th of August 2020.


You can check Angeloumae’s music here.